We are Webhannet Internal Medicine Associates of 纽约医院 – a group of  providers  practicing in Moody, 缅因州. 澳门网投十大信誉平台在1997年成立了一个小组. 主要参加了博士. 尽在实践中. Dr. 亚当斯于2001年加入澳门网投十大信誉平台. We have also recently welcomed Nurse Practitioners, Devin Tetler and Sally Carpenter to the team. Please call our practice to learn more about our services and providers.


电话: (207) 646-8386

传真:(207)641 - 2855



医生一天24小时随叫随到. Our regular office hours are Monday–Friday 8:30 am — 5 pm. If you phone at other times you will get our answering service and they will take a message to have the covering Doctor return your call. If you phone on a weeknight one of our doctors will be covering. On weekends the covering Doctor may be the one to call you back.


与澳门网投十大信誉平台的供应商访问只有预约. We prefer that you call to make an appointment or speak with our nurse. If you decide to walk into the office it is likely that you will have to wait until a nurse is available to speak with you. 如果你生病了, 最好先打电话跟护士谈谈, so that your needs can be addressed and a plan appropriate to your level of urgency can be set up for you.


在你验血之后, if the results are normal you will generally not hear back from the nurse. Please feel free to phone us if you are curious about what your specific results are.


When phoning the office the general procedure for handling your call is as follows:

  • 如果可以,接待员会帮助你. 如果不是……
  • Receptionist will take your message and have the nurse phone you back. 如果你生病了 you should hear back from the nurse as soon as possible.
  • 如果你打电话是为了处方, test results or any other non-urgent matter you will hear back from the nurse by the end of the day. 他们一定会尽快给你回电话的.


When leaving any type of form for one of our providers to complete please allow a minimum of 1 week for it to be completed. 澳门网投十大信誉平台会在您有空的时候通知您.


When making a request for medical records please contact receptionist at the practice. If you are picking the records up yourself please allow 1 week for us to prepare them.


We appreciate advanced notice of your prescription needs. We ask that you call the office to discuss prescription issues rather than stopping by. For your convenience you can now leave the nurse a voice mail with your request. 处方 that you request Monday through Thursday will be phoned in within 24 hours. If you phone on a Friday they will be phoned in by 6 pm that evening.


We reserve the right to charge for appointments, cancelled or broken without 24 hours advance notice. If you are late to an appointment please be aware that you may be asked to reschedule your appointment to later the same day or to another day.


Webhannet Internal Medicine has been awarded recognition by the National Committee for Quality Assurance Patient-Centered Medical 有信誉的网投平台十大 Program. NCQA Patient-Centered Medical 有信誉的网投平台十大 standards emphasize the use of systematic, 以病人为中心, 支持获取的协调护理, 沟通和患者参与, to build better relationships between patients and their clinical care teams. NCQA, 一个私人, non-profit organization dedicated to improving health care quality, accredits and certifies a wide range of health care organizations and manages the evolution of HEDIS®, a performance measurement tool used by more than 90 percent of the nation’s health plans. NCQA的网站(包含了赋予消费者权力的信息, employers and others to make more informed health care choices.




从NH /南

乘坐I-95北到缅因州. 7号约克出口. 在一组红绿灯处左转到1号公路北. 旅行大约9.1号公路往北走7英里. 内科在你的右边.


从I-95:走井/桑福德出口(#19). 在红绿灯处左转进入109号东路. 一直走到尽头,右转到一号公路南. 旅行大约3.1英里. 内科在你的左边.


沿着109号公路向东行驶至终点. At intersection of Route 109/Route 1, bear RIGHT onto Route 1 South. 旅行大约3.1英里. 内科在你的左边.


If you need help accessing your 远程医疗 Visit on your Practice 病人门户, please call (207) 361-6902 澳门网投十大信誉平台很乐意帮助你.




A TeleVisit is a virtual visit with a primary care provider or specialist at 纽约医院.  The visit will take place using your computer or smartphone.  You and your provider will be able to see each other through video and communicate using audio on your device.  Your provider can still order any necessary lab and radiology testing and can prescribe medications if needed. 


Your provider will be able to join the visit from their office at the practice or occasionally they may join the visit from their home office. Just like you, they are able to connect with you wherever they have a video/audio connection. All of our providers will have a secure HIPAA compliant connection to your health record during the TeleVisit. 


因为访问是虚拟的,你可以去任何地方!  As long as you have an internet or wifi connection with video/audio on your computer or smartphone, 您将能够与您的提供商连接.  You are able to connect virtually without leaving your home!


TeleVisits can be schedule by your provider’s office staff in the same way that you would make an in-office appointment.


Yes, we will bill your insurance company just as we would if you came into the office for your visit. 


We are currently scheduling TeleVisits with your primary care or specialty providers during our regular office hours.